Planetarium Concept Shoot

I just finished my first collaborative series. For this project I joined forces with my cousin, professional dancer Fabrice Omores, one of the cofounders of the art collective WOA (World of Art).

Though this is the 1st time we did a photo shoot together, this is not the first time we worked on creating something together. While I was still a professional dancer, we several times shared the stage and presented choreographies we had pieced together. Heck, we both started our dance careers together on the same stage. But while I switched to photography as my way of expression, he perfected his dance knowledge and experience to a transcending level. And now after more than five years we finally got to work together again.

This series is about specific characteristics of a few astral bodies. We chose to illustrate:

  • The strength and power of the sun
  • The discreet symbolic nature of the moon
  • The harsh and cold nature of Mercury
  • The weightlessness of the gases on Jupiter
  • The mystery of the Super-Earth Janssen (known as 55 cancri-e)

Fabrice opted for contemporary and modern dance poses that were mostly meditative and showing restraint, as opposed to his usual more aerial and physical breakdance and martial arts background.

A word from Fabrice Omores/WOA:

The concept for our “Planetarium” vision is a call to inner peace, strength and energy of each planet, visited through a meditation process.

The sharing process of this experience has been divinely guided, which drove us to choose a visual release medium (photography), hoping that it will impact our audience as much it did us.

A short description of each planet has been added on our website: WOA, in respect for our universe, the audience and our artistic curiosity. Sharing is an important part of any experience, and we hope it will inspire you also.






As with all art, I hope you find something personal to take out of this project. And mostly, I hope you enjoy it all. 


Marvin Anani.